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Our founder, Brian created Type B Consulting after years of helping to cleaning up mistakes and systems that were working poorly. Starting his own company, so that he could perform the installs himself seemed to make the most logical sense. The formation of Type B Consulting was the best way to accomplish his goal. One of the first jobs he did was updating a camera system at a nursery school. This was his first shot to show off what he could do. Brian ran with this huge opportunity. This this was the first real chance to update a system and fix some big mistakes that the original installer's made. This not only gave the owner of the school a top notch system, but saved her thousands of dollars because of how efficiently the new system was going to work. Type B is only what it is today because of a need for a quality installer. Brian has branched out to helping the average consumer, too. Type B does camera systems for business' of all kinds, but will also consider home repair, such as repairing the motherboard of your computer that no longer powers on. Type B is not your average consulting company. You will always get quality behind every job and no project will ever be considered too small. Some companies will do half the job or leave a mess for the next person. At Type B we provide the best service the very first time!

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