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We start you with a free consultation* to let you know what is needed to complete the job in a timely manner.

*Free consultation subject to distance restrictions

Installation / Repair

We install all the necessary equiptment to get your system up and running or we repair your current system.

Setup and training

Once installed we will set you up and train you on how to use your new system.

Camera Systems

We started with camera systems so we are equipted with the knowledge to handle any situation thrown our way. We strive to provide you with not only the best system but also the most cost effective solution.


We have years of experience in what we do. You are not just paying for the work to be done, but you're also paying for the knowledge that goes with it.


Careful planning before the job ensures that everything runs smoothly both during and after the project is complete.


We are as transparent in our process as possible. We fill you in every step of the way by providing detailed explanations and the finest customer care.

Specialty Soldering

We can solder almost anything. It can be as simple as 2 wires on a led strip or as complicated as the resistor you knocked off trying to fix your own equipment.

Design Services

Websites are your biggest spokesperson, and today, most people won't notice you without one.
We can custom create everything from a logo to a poster for any of your needs.

We Are Repair

We proudly support The Right to Repair Act. If you own the device, A manufacturer should not be able to tell you where to get it fixed or stop you from fixing it yourself. We are against poor quality and expensive repair provided by your device's manufacturer.

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