Data Recovery


We start you with a free consultation* to let you know what is needed to complete the job in a timely manner.

*Free consultation subject to distance restrictions

Recovery and Repair

We attempt to recover your data and repair your drive

Information / Redirect

If all goes well we give your all your info back and explain what has happened. If our attempts were unsucessfull we will reirect you to our friends over at Gillware.

Data Recovery

Just like anything with moving parts those moving parts can fail, it can be from a drop, a power surge or even just old age.

In the digital age that we live in it can be detrimental to lose your data, most consumers and even businesses do not implement any sort of disaster recovery.
But not to worry most of the time the data can be recovered, most consumers and businesses are un aware that this can be done.

Once we help you sort out this situation let us help you prevent this from happening, check out some of our other services to see what we can do.

We have partnered up with Drive Savers to bring our customers the quickest most reliable data recovery at the best prices. With partnering with Drive savers we were able to get discounted pricing.

Drive savers mission is to successfully recover your data as safely and quickly as possible, and to provide you with a stress-free experience.

As the most trusted data recovery company, DriveSavers is focused on exemplary customer service. If you've lost valuable, irreplaceable data... They can save it!

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